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Mon 2 Oct, at 11:00 - Seminar Room T2

nanoARPES facility at Diamond Light Source

Pavel Dudin
Diamond Light Source, Harwell Innovation Campus, Didcot, UK

Spatially resolved ARPES is a development of standard angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy that acquires spatial resolution using the light spot below 1 micron [1-3]. Using the scanning probe (microscopy) approach, we could study many systems that are difficult for traditional ARPES, like extremely small samples, samples with inherent phase separation, etc. Furthermore, new applications could be made possible, like in-operando studies of micro-devices. The nano-ARPES branch of I05-ARPES beamline of Diamond Light Source has been commissioned in 2016 and is currently seeing its first users. The talk describes main performance parameters as well as first user experience.

[1] J.Avila et al., Journal of Physics: Conference Series 425 (2013) 192023
[2] P.Dudin et al., J. Synchrotron Rad. (2010). 17, 445–450
[3] A.Bostwick et al, Synchrotron Raditation News 25, 5, (2012), 19-25

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