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Wed 20 Dec, at 15:30 - Seminar Room T2

Advanced FEL schemes at the LCLS

Alberto Lutman

Initially designed to produce single X-ray pulses with duration from ten to hundreds of femtosecond, the LCLS is now capable of delivering highly customizable multiple X-ray pulses. Complementary techniques are used to cover different wavelengths and delay ranges. Each pulse can be further tailored in terms of bandwidth, pulse duration, and polarization. The Fresh-slice technique covers delays up to a picosecond in the soft X-rays, by granting control on which electron bunch slice lases in each undulator section. Fresh-slice can be enabled by time dependent orbits or by time dependent transverse matching. Twin-bunch covers any energy available at the LCLS with delay up to 125 fs. Two-bucket operates on longer delay scales, starting from 350 picoseconds to hundreds of nanoseconds in discrete 350 picosecond steps. Further customizability of each scheme in terms of bandwidth and polarization and future plans will be discussed.

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