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Wed 22 May, at 15:00 - Fermi room

Real time dynamics: connecting quantum magnets to particle physics

Marcello Dalmonte

The main aim of this talk is to present the state-of-the-art on the following problem: the study of particle physics phenomena utilizing quantum computers and quantum simulators, within the framework of quantum magnetism. In the first part of the seminar, I will introduce the concept of quantum simulation, following Feynmann’s original vision, and discuss its applications in the field of ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Until few years ago, these applications had focused exclusively on models of relevance to condensed matter physics. I will present the key motivations that sparked a strong interest in quantum approaches to particle physics problems, in particular, in the context of (lattice) gauge theories. In the second part, I will discuss how condensed matter and atomic physics quantum simulators can shed novel light on paradigmatic particle physics phenomena, discussing the case sample of quantum electrodynamics. The first concrete experimental realizations in the context of the Schwinger mechanism will also be presented.

(Referer: D. Fausti)
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