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Tue 9 Jul, at 15:30 - Seminar Room T1

Free electron laser – PolFEL, a new research infrastructure in Poland. VUV beamline proposal.

H. Fiedorowicz, K. Janulewicz, P. Wachulak
Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology, Warsaw

The project of building a free electron laser in Poland (the PolFEL project) was accepted last year and started in January 2019. The end of the project is planned for the end of 2022. The project is implemented by the consortium of eight research institutes and universities and two companies coordinated by the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ). PolFEL will be driven by cw operating superconducting linac with SRF electron source developed in collaboration with DESY and 8 superconducting TESLA cavities housed in 4 Rossendorf type cryomodules. PolFEL will generate THz, IR and UV radiation in two beam lines, respectively. In the first one, with electron beam below 80 MeV, the THz/IR radiation source will be generated in permanent magnet supper-radiant undulator, delivering THz radiation in 0.5– 6 THz range. In the second beam line with up to 180 MeV electrons, the UV radiation will be generated in the SASE undulator delivering coherent radiation down to 55 nm in the third harmonic. Both undulators will be based on the modified Bazin design shared by the STFC Daresbury Lab and assisting the NCBJ team in the modification effort. It is planned to manufacture both undulators in house. An overview of the PolFEL project will be presented. The beamlines and end-stations operating in the THz and VUV regions will be designed and built by the Institute of Optoelectronics MUT. Research activities of the Laser-Matter Interaction group, responsible for the VUV beamline will be presented shortly. The preliminary design of the VUV beamline and end-stations will be presented. Planned experiments with the use of the PolFEL facility during the commissioning of the infrastructure and in the future will be briefly discussed.

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