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Wed 18 Sep, at 10:00 - Seminar Room T2

The “Centre for Molecular Water Science” (CMWS)

Gerhard Gruebel
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, Germany

The “Centre for Molecular Water Science” (CMWS) shall bring together key experts from different areas of water-related sciences aiming to achieve a detailed molecular understanding of water. This includes the dynamic processes in water and at water interfaces which are highly relevant for chemistry, biology, earth and the environment as well as for technology. The scope of the centre will range from studies of the fundamental properties of water (in the gas phase, the liquid, supercooled liquid and/or amorphous ice state) to its role in real-time chemical dynamics (solvation) and biochemical- and biological reactions (physiologically bound water). It will also cover water in geo- and astrophysical processes and in nanoscience and technology (corrosion, heterogeneous catalysis). The activities will build on a suite of enabling technologies based on the world wide unique Hamburg Light Sources environment (PETRA III, FLASH, E-XFEL) and the unique research environment on the Hamburg/Bahrenfeld Campus (CFEL, CSSB, CHyN, CUI/HARBOR ..). Cooperation with the Hamburg Universities, regional/baltic and international partners (both in Europe and overseas) via joint cooperation platforms and joint appointments will be a key ingredient of the Centre from the very beginning. We report on the scope, status and progress of the initiative.

(Referer: M. Kiskinova)
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