Application of imaging for the study of fabrics

Applicazione dell'Imaging per lo studio dei Tessuti

In the manufacture of sterile coats for hospital use, particular importance is given to the choice of fabrics; the texture of the weaving and the characteristics of the yarn are important not only for the resistance of the product but also for their tendency to accumulate impurities which, even after careful cleaning, can contaminate sterile environments. The manufacture of coats, and in particular the sewing, can take place in a classical manner or with welds with hot glue, aimed to eliminate spaces and areas in which dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

Elettra's contribution
Micro computed tomography (μCT) imaging technique was used both to study in depth the morphology of the different tissues available for the realization of the coats and to evaluate the welds with hot glue at the critical points of the sewing. The collaboration made it possible to choose fabrics that, at a morphological level, presented greater guarantees of resistance and ease of cleaning and improved the gluing process for sewing the coat.

Facility: TomoLab Laboratory.


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