Applications of virtual histology in biomedical research

istologiaHigh-resolution micro-computed tomography has been used for 3D virtual histology and volumetric quantification, but long acquisition times and additional staining procedures are required.

Elettra’s contribution

Synchrotron based propagation-based imaging (PBI) can have the advantage to enable high throughput and analyses of unstained specimens. In this study, two murine lungs were embedded in paraffin, one of them was stained and both were scanned with the same settings (4.4 μm pixel size, 3 minutes acquisition time). The results demonstrate that PBI provides a good contrast even without contrast agents. Notably, structural details are less discernible in the presence of contrast agents and the unstained lung tissue appears better delineated, proving the feasibility of high throughput virtual histology of unstained tissues.

Facility: SYRMEP Beamline.

Bibliography: G. Dullin et al., “Multiscale biomedical imaging at the SYRMEP beamline of Elettra - Closing the gap between preclinical research and patient applications”, Physics Open 2021, 6, 100050. DOI: 10.1016/j.physo.2020.100050.


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