Multi-technique analysis of extracellular vesicles


Therapeutic applications of extracellular vesicles as molecular carriers need a better understanding of the effects manufacturing processes could have on biological functions.
Elettra’s contribution
Vesicles produced in different GMP conditions were investigated by several unconventional biophysical techniques, such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet Resonant Raman spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering). The analyses confirm that different extracellular vesicles preparations affect their biophysical and biochemical properties.
The results underline the need of a multiparametric analysis to address size, stability and purity of different preparations and to correlate phenotypic parameters of the vesicles with their functional activity.

Facility: SISSI, IUVS, SAXS Beamlines; Nanoinnovation Laboratory.

Bibliography: F. Perissinotto et al., “Multi-technique analysis of extracellular vesicles: not only size matters” in Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly, 2020, 32, 157-177, DOI: 10.1016/bs.abl.2020.05.004.


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