Collaborators are researchers who come to collaborate closely with internals but not for a beamtime approved by the review panel. If you are coming to Elettra with a scheduled proposal evaluated by the review panel, then you are not a collaborator but a user.
Before you begin to work at Elettra an Access Request must be submitted at least two weeks before the experiment. You must receive an approval from the corresponding officer prior to your arrival, otherwise you will not be able to enter the laboratory.
Once at Elettra, you will be asked for a valid identification document  so please remeber to bring one with you. For stays longer than two weeks, collaborators may have a personal badge upon request to the Safety department (Dr. Teresa Bonifacio, Room 17 ground floor, building T2).

Not yet registred

The first step is to register in the VUO. If you visit our Laboratory for the first time, you have to complete the safety training on your arrival or through the VUO.

Already registered

Enter the VUO, digit your ID and password and select the proper access request type.

In the VUO choose the link Access requests (NOT FOR USERS) and select "Collaborator".

NB: All FERMI collaborators must perform an on-line Safety Laser Course before accessing the laboratory. 
Enter the VUO with your ID and password-
- Go to the Section ”Courses”, link “courses list”

- Select the “Fermi Laser Course”
- Open the “Fermi laser.pdf” file and take your time to read the slides very carefully
- After watching the slides, perform the Fermi Laser Verification test (in order to pass, at least 15 answers must be correct.  
If you do not pass the test you can perform it again.


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