Information for Elettra and FERMI users

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FVG "yellow zone" and further Green pass restrictions 

Starting from November 29th, Friuli Venezia Giulia has been defined “yellow zone” and has implemented further restrictions.

 Here are some of the main rules:

- Wearing a surgical mask is compulsory both indoors and outdoors; 
- Wearing  FFP2 mask is compulsory on all public trasport.

Normal Green pass (Green pass “base”), obtained by means of vaccination, healing or swab test (rapid or molecular) is necessary to access:

Elettra premises and all working places (for more infos, see here
Elettra canteen;

Super Green pass, obtained only by means of vaccination or healing (NO swab test), is necessary in order to access:
- hotels, B&Bs and hotel restaurants 
- all restaurants and bars (indoor and outdoor premises)
- all transports, local and long distance (planes, ships, long distance and regional trains, hired cars with a driver, city buses, etc.).

Super Green pass, obtained only by means of vaccination or healing (NO swab test) will be necessary for all workers over 50 to access Elettra premises (including the canteen).

For more information about swab test booking, see here.
PLEASE NOTE: a PRINTED COPY of the QR code must be always required to the Pharmacy/Laboratory! As the sms with the QR code may be be received even days after the swab, a printed version is necessary for all the checks that may occur on buses, hotels, etc.

For more exhaustive information about COVID-19 restrictions and regulations in Italy, please always refer to the Italian Embassy in your country.

EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate - Green Pass

Please carefully read and check the following links:

International Travel

When travelling, please note that schedules may be subject to changes by airlines/tour operators with no prior notice, and operational changes for very short periods may not be reported; therefore the final confirmation of a flight schedule has to be always checked with the airline or tour operator

When your plan your trip remember to double check with your home country for quarantine rules. 

For International Travel, please check the following page for the regulations related to your country of origin and forms to submit:
Travellers from certain countries are required to notify the local Health Department upon arrival, through the online form (mandatory): *  Questionario: COVID19 - Modulo rientro in Italia - Provincia di Trieste
* The form at the moment is only in Italian, here follows a translation for your convenience:

1. Surname
2. Name
3. Gender (male - female)
4. Fiscal code (only Italian citizens) Foreign citizens may insert 16 letters and numbers
5. Date of birth
6. Place of birth
7. Country of Residence
8. Address of residence
9. Municipality of temporary/permanent residence in Italy (quarantine place if foreseen)
10. Address of temporary/permanent residence in Italy (quarantine place if foreseen)
11. Phone number
12. e-mail address
13. Family practitioner (only for Italian citizens)
14. Country you come from
15. Date of arrival in Italy
16. Reason of travel
17. Employment type
18. Route towards Italy
19. Have you travelled on a Covid Tested flight? (as per order of the Ministry of Health, Nov.23rd, 2020)
20. Have you taken a swab test in the last 72 or 48 hours? (depending on the country of origin) 



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