International Users Support (IUS) - Rules

General Rules

Funding will be allocated according to the ranking based on the scientific merit of the proposals with assigned shifts from the Review Panel, up to the limit of the maximum budget available for the Call and in accordance with the Specific Cooperation Agreements between Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste and the Partner Instituitions.

Eligible proposals:

  • Proposals that have clicked the “Financial Support Request” option AND the “Crucial“ option;
  • Proposals that have clicked the “Financial Support Request” option BUT NOT the “Crucial” option;
  • if you click the “Financial Support Request” option AND  the option “Crucial“, in case of positive evaluation of the Review Panel you will receive “Full support”Please note: if the budget of the semester cannot cover all the requests, these proposals with a lower position in the rating list will not be allocated beamtime.
  • if you click the “Financial Support Request” option BUT NOT the option “Crucial“, in case of positive evaluation of the Review Panel you will receive “Partial support”Please note: if the budget of the semester cannot cover all the requests, these proposals with a lower position in the rating list will be allocated beamtime BUT NOT funding.
In order to verify whether your proposal has been allocated support, please check the box “international support” in the proposal:
  • “Full support” = two funded reseachers from non italian institutions
  • “Partial support” = one funded researcher from non italian institutions
  • "Not supported” = no support allocated

IMPORTANT: Please remeber to acknowledge the support in your publications!

All publications deriving from a funded proposal must acknowledge the support as detailed here.

Support rules

For travel booking, complete your access request and then contact Tickets and hotels booked directly by users without the approval of the travels office may not be reimbursed.


The accommodation must be booked through Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste Travel Office. All requests for travel and accommodation must be sent to . The support will cover the costs of accommodation including breakfast and local tax. The covered period normally goes from one day before the experiment starting date to one day after the experiment ending date. If the experiment requires an exceptionally complex onsite preparation, longer periods may be considered.


  • Flight: if you come by plane, Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste Travel Office will book your flight directly. Please indicate any travel preferences / needs (itinerary, departure / arrival airport, travel dates, etc.) in the notes field of the access request.
  • Car: the combination flight+rental car or train+rental car may be supported upon request. However, the car rental must be booked directly by the user. Please contact the Elettra Travel Office before making any reservation: {mailto: usertravels}.You will receive all necessarry instructions so that the rental can be reimbursed.
  • Private Car: if you travel by private car, Euro 0.16/km plus highway tolls will be reimbursed; please keep the original receipts/invoices.
  • An Airport Shuttle is available in alternative to the car rental; Please contact the Elettra Travel Office for arrangements.
  • Train: reservations and payment will be made directly by the Elettra Travel Office: .
  • Taxi: taxi expenses will not be reimbursed unless excepitional circumstances occur and only upon agreement with the User Office: 

Reimbursement request

  • Before the experiment

Each participant must submit to the Elettra Users Office an Access Request as “Funded User” at least three weeks before the arrival to Elettra. The Request must be sent including all the necessary information (dates of stay, fiscal and bank data) and using the VUO procedure available at: prices of tickets and hotels increase with time, failing to send a timely access request may prevent the group from getting support.

VUO screenshot

  • After the experiment - on line reimbursement request

If you have expenses to claim (tickets or accommodation), please complete the online reimbursement form available in the VUO, in the section “Access Travel and Expenses Reimbursement”. Reimbursement claims must be sent WITHIN 90 DAYS from the experiment ending dateClaims arriving after such date will not be processed. Payments will be sent via bank money transfer, normally within three months from reception of all documentation.

You will be asked to upload the copy of the receipts in VUO form, but in case of paper receipts these will have to be sent in original by surface mail to the address below:

Travel Office
Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
Strada Statale 14, km 163,5 in Area Science Park
34149 Basovizza
Trieste, ITALY



For information concerning access procedures to the laboratory: 

  • Elettra Users' Office: tel.: +39-040-375 8628/8538/8398
For information concerning travel and hotel booking:
  • Elettra Travel Office: tel: +39-040-375 8930
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