Sophos AntiVirus

Basic Rules Against Viruses (Windows Systems)

  1. Never open an e-mail attachment if you don't know the sender.
  2. In order to read safely your e-mails, use our "Marconi" WebMail
  3. Possibly, do not use e-mail client programs like "Outlook or Outlook Express". The suggested programs are: Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Eudora light, Pine.
  4. Use our remotely managed antivirus program (daily updated).
  5. Upgrade your operating systems by Windows Update (start menu or Explorer->tools->Windows Update)
  6. Do not share writing or reading/writing folders on your computer without protecting them by a password. Moreover, always use not trivial passwords.
Moreover, e-mails containing viruses sent with your name (sender) could be generated by an infected computer having your name in its address book or using a distribution list, NOT NECESSARLY by your computer.

Personal copy of Sophos antivirus

ST and GDR employees

You can have a personal copy of Sophos Antivirus to install onto your home computer (only one). To get it, come to our offices with an USB pen drive (with 60MB of free space) and the filled request form (see below). So we will provide you with a copy of the software.
You can have a personal copy of Sophos Antivirus only if you have a long term contract or collaboration with Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A. (at least one year)

When your collaboration finishes, you must remove this software from your home computer.


For temporary users (guests or beamline users) using their own computer inside Elettra and with no antivirus installed, we can also provide them with a copy of our Sophos antivirus. In this case they will have to remove it immediately after finishing their visit or experiment at Elettra.


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