Managing accounts in ST-GuestNet

So you need to give one guest of yours Internet (or LAN) access: this means you need to create an ST-GuestNet account for him/her.

Not every people at Elettra are allowed to do so, but only some 'chosen' ones, called Trustees.


New connection request from guest

If you are a trustee, when a guest submits a new access request to our ST-GuestNet an e-mail is sent to you from (ST-GuestNet Administrator):


By clicking on the STGN Internal Services link and after giving your e-mail credentials, you will enter the following page:



Look for the last request you received by e-mail (yellow one). You can modify the arrival or departure data, delete the request or simply enable it. When enabled, the color changes and an e-mail will be sent to the requester. That's all.


On fly guest account creation

You can also create a STGN account on fly. In this case you have to follow the link specified at the top of the ST-GuestNet page (see figure). In this case it will appear:


After compiling the form, an e-mail with the access credentials will be sent to the person you created.


Disabling existing accounts.

Any existing account could be disabled regardless its expiration date by simply using the Disable button on the right.


Renewing an account.

Expired account can be enabled again by renewing them, simply changing its starting and expiration date (see pencil) and using the Enable button on the right.


How to resend the credentials.

In case your guest looses the given password, you will be able to send him/her a new email with the generated password and instructions. The envelope icon on the right of every request does exactly this.



You can see an account history by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right.


Last Updated on Thursday, 14 June 2012 14:34