ST-GuestNet (STGN) is the easiest way you, as a guest at Elettra, can connect to the Internet and partially to the Intranet without having to request for a permanent IP number for your computer.

What do you mean with 'guest'?

Say you are a day-visitor, hosted by an Elettra employee, or a ST consultant, or a user of a Beamline, or a lecturer, or a part-time collaborator. In general, here we consider people who will stay at Elettra for a limited time (one day, one week, one month) and will seldom use our data network.

OK, now tell me what actually is ST-GuestNet

We try keeping our Local Area Network as much secure as we can. According to this rule, connecting and using a computer is not a straightforward process. We need to know who you are, the details of the computer (MAC, or physical, address), give you an IP number, enabling a network socket, etcetera etcetera.
By using STGN, you'll be able to skip all this burden. Provided somebody can 'guarantee' for you, by giving you a time-limited username/password pair.

ST-GuestNet access is not only provided by a wireless network, but, on request, also by a wired connection.

What to do

  1. Are you a guest just arrived at Elettra needing a STGN account on the fly? Read on here.
  2. Are you a future guest or user needing a STGN account ready at your arrival? Read on here.
  3. Are you an Elettra Trustee needing to give Internet access to your guests? Read on here.

What you are allowed to do

ST-GuestNet has a restricted access to Internet. Essentially you can navigate by browser, upload (not download) files by ftp and connect to your Institute by SSH. On our LAN you can use ST printers by sincro-print server (see link).

Hey! What about security?

Good question! Here is the answer: it is very important you read through it, so take some time.


For any further information contact the Information Technology department.

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