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BACH Front End

The FE connects the straight section of the storage ring (hosting the two undulators of BACH) with the beamline. Three are the elements of interest for the user (ordered from the source to the beamline):
the FE shutter, the FE stopper and the FE last valve.
In order to carry the light to the sample in experimental chamber, all these three elements need to be opened in a well-established order:
1. The FE (last) valve
2. The FE stopper
3. The FE shutter.
In order to close the FE these elements have to be closed in the opposite direction (1. The FE shutter, 2. The FE stopper, 3. The FE (last) valve.
Using MainPanel.VI it is possible to see if these valves are open (red) or close (green).

The Machine shutter and the Machine valve are located just befor the FE. Using BL BACH Monitor.VI it is possible to see if these valves are open (red) or close (green). Alternatively check at BACH BCS ). These two elements are not controllable by the user. If you find them closed (GREEN) you have to call the control room (8262 or 8263) to open them.


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