The BACH beamline in brief

Beamline (common section)

The Undulators (ID081 for high energy,ID082 for low energy).
The Front End (Shutter,Stopper, Last Valve). It can be opened from the MainPanel.VI.
The Prefocusing section (Pre Hor and Pre Vert). Beamline alignment
The Monochromator (Ent Slit, PM, SG1-4, Exit Slit). Energy Range and Grating selection
The Refocusing sections A and B

BRANCH A: Post Hor A and Post Vert A (on the right side going from the source to the end station): for XAS,XES and XPS (Typical positions )

BRANCH B: Post Hor B and Post Vert B (on the left side going from the source to the end station). Now used for XMCD in high magnetic fields (6.5 T) and low temperature (1.4 K)

BRANCH C Now used for time-resolved spectroscopy using a Ti:Sa laser (used as pump) wich is synchronized with the synchrotron light source and XAS in liquid cells.


Since BACH employs two different undulators for different energy ranges, the user must select properly the undulator to work with. Important Note: the two undulators cannot be used simultaneously!!! When one of them is in use (gap below 100 mm) the other must be at the maximum gap (100 mm) and zero phase and zero tapering. If both gaps are below 100 mm a beam dump will occur and all beamlines will loose the beam!

8.1 (High Energy) From 175 eV-1600 eV First harmonic:175 eV-730 eV 2.0 GeV
    First harmonic:247 eV-1030 eV 2.4 GeV
8.2 (Low Energy) From 35/42 eV to more than 600 eV First harmonic (highest flux):35 eV-170 eV 2.0 GeV
    First harmonic (highest flux):42 eV-240 eV 2.4 GeV



SG1 44 eV-349 eV (35 eV-42 eV available under special request) high resolving power: 20000-6000 flux>1011
SG2 158 eV-597 eV high resolving power: 20000-6000 flux>1011
SG3 491 eV-1600 eV high resolving power: 15000-5000 flux>1011
SG4 301 eV-1600 eV medium resolving power: 10000-2000 flux>1012




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