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The Beamline Control System

The instrumentation of frontend and beamlines is connected to the ( http://adam.elettra.trieste.it/projects/blcs/beamwatch/082/bach_main.bwh). The user may use this graphical interface to visualise and monitor the status of undulators, valves and pressures of the beamline. However the users should ALWAYS use the software VIs written using LABVIEW to perform any operation on the beamline and front end (change the energy and undulator gap, opening valves, opening slits, acquire the measurements, ...) and NEVER USE the Beamline Control System to perform any operation other than monitoring. For more information contact the beamline staff. For technical information contact the Operating Unit Software for measurement (Contact section). If there is a problem with the BCS and you are sure that the problem is really due to the BCS system and NOT to related to hardware or internet (after speaking with the BACH beamline scientist) call one of the person of the Software Group (Turcinovich, Billè, Chenda, Borghes, Pugliese).

Come fare il restart del BCS

You will need a password. Ask to F. Bondino, E. Magnano or V. Chenda (elettra).

After the BCS has been restarted, follow the procedure written here:
1.motor restor speed
2.motor read all-->RESTORE
3. check status of the Heidenheims to be 0 (not 8).


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