Chemical Support Lab

Please contact BEFORE the beamtime the responsible of the support Lab: Cristiano Pedersini: cristiano.pedersini AT
The users will have to fill a User Declaration Form for the Use of the Support Lab which must be signed by the Head of Department of Institute before the beamtime.

Only the  authorized persons can access the Chemical Support lab.
The users who will access the Cemical Lab must be trained by the responsible of the support Lab before the first access.

The persons who access to the Chemical Support lab must:
-be trained to work independently in a chemistry lab
-be qualified to handle inflammable, toxic or otherwise hazardous chemicals
-know how to handle emergency situations

Users of the Chemical support lab should:
- follow the preliminary training by the lab responsible
- wear appropriate DPI (e.g. disposable white lab coats, lab glasses, gloves, hair net, disposable dust mask etc.);
- work in an appropriate and safe condition
- be trained in the correct use of the fume hoodes (e.g. do not pile forward jerry cans, jugs or other stuff which could prevent a correct aspiration of the hood), always turn on the power before working with the chemicals, etc
-dispose waste according to the rules and instructions received by the responsible of the support lab (e.g. needles in the appropriate yellow container, absorbent materials (e.g contaminated paper) and protective materials (eg gloves, disposable white lab coats, hair net, disposable dust mask) in the blue container with the corresponding label.
-dispose chemical waste in the appropriate container (e.g. in the organic solvent waste container inside the fume hood or diluted acqueous solution in the container in the backside of the first fume hood)
-clean the glassware used during the activities in the lab, rinse them with pure water RO available in the lab 
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