The 6.5 T, 1.8 K cryomagnet  has been assembled and installed at the end of 2011/beginning 2012.

  • In January 2012 the first phase of the installation (superconducting magnet installation, magnet canister welding, T probes and current leads connections, electrical checking, and He leak check of the magnet canister and tank) has been performed with success in December 2011. The second part of the installation has been performed. 
  • In March 2012 we have performed the on-site acceptance tests with success. We have reached the min T (1.8 K and max T (340 K) on the sample and ±6.5 Tesla with a ramp rate of 1T/min with no quenches in a base pressure of 1.2x10-11 mbar (only by cryopumping). 
  • In March 2013 and October 2013 the sample transfer, the remote control have been tested and the first XMCD spectra with the magnetic field and low T have been obtained.
  • In November/December 2013 a sample preparation chamber connected in UHV with the cryomagnet has been installed


The endstation is open to external users! 
A new sample grow and preparation chamber is available. 
The first external user experiment has been performed.

Magnetic field: the SC coil has been used at 86.315 A (6 T) for several days. The magnetic field is stable. 6.5 T has been reached during the commissioning.
Sample T from 1.8 K to 340 K has been tested.  T remains stable over days. 
LHe consumption at 4 K: 1.4 %/hour when no ramps are performed. 3%/hour when ramps are performed. At 300 K the LHe consumption is twice.  A LHe transfer is generally performed every 2 days (~85 l per transfer).
Sample transfer: from 4 K to 300 K it takes ~2-3 hours.

Samples: Powder samples are NOT allowed in the cryomagnet endstation.
Single crystals or samples which need surface preparation: max dimension is 9 mm. Please contact us before the beamtime.
The samples can be fixed to the sample holder either by non magnetic clamps or by using low outgassing, UHV compatible, conductive glue which can operate down to 2 K (contact beamline staff for more details). Carbon tape is not allowed.

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