Federica Bondino

CNR Research scientist

BACH - Beamline for Advanced diCHroism

CNR-Laboratorio TASC INFM
S.S. 14, Km 163.5 in Area Science Park
34149 Basovizza (Trieste) - ITALY

e-mail  bondino (at) iom.cnr.it

Tel  040 375 8430/8698
Fax  040 375 8400
Location  T77



  • Research Scientist, permanent position at CNR.
  • Beamline Scientist of the BACH beamline, a CNR soft-x-ray undulator beamline at ELETTRA, the synchrotron radiation facility in Trieste (Italy).
  • In charge of the operation, maintainance, upgrade of the beamline and the ultra-high vacuum beamline multi-technique endstations for XPS-XAS-RIXS and of the technical evaluation of the proposals.
  • In charge of defining the technical specifications and supervising the construction and the supply of the new 7 Tesla 1.5 K endstation for time-resolved XMCD (call for tender, contract, supervision of the design and construction, conceptual design and purchase of the insertion chamber, conceptual design of the surface preparation chamber and the sample holder for this endstation). Installation and commissioning of the cryomagnet on the BACH beamline.
  • Providing support and collaborating with the beamline users during the experiments. Contributing to development of the in-house research program of the beamline BACH. 

    Professional Qualifications
  • Experienced in Surface Science, Photoemission Spectroscopy (ultraviolet, soft-x-ray and hard x- ray-PES, RESPES,ARPES), PhotoElectron Diffraction (PED, XPD), Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED), X-ray Absorption spectroscopy (XAS, NEXAFS), X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD), Resonant X-ray emission spectroscopy (RXES, RIXS) and MCD-RIXS.
  • 15 years of experience in synchrotron radiation experiments, surface science, thin film growth, electron spectroscopies and ultra high vacuum systems and techniques
  • >90 publications in international refereed journals (19 as principal investigator); 1 review article; 1 chapter of a Book
  • 7 Invited Talks at International Conferences and Workshops 
  • External user/principal investigator at several synchrotron facilities: Elettra (BACH, SuperESCA, Aloisa) Trieste; APS, Argonne; SLS (ADRESS), Villingen; ESRF, Grenoble (ID16 and ID08); Maxlab, Lund; SOLEIL (Sextant and Cassiopee) and LURE, Paris)
  • Visiting Scientist at the Lawrence National Laboratory of Berkeley (USA) and the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Fritz Haber Institut of the Max-Planck-Society, (Berlin, Germany)
  • Referee for the Journal of Physical Chemistry (ACS), Physical Review Letters (APS), Physical Review B (APS), Surface Science (Elsevier), Nuclear Inst. And Methods in Physics Research A (Elsevier), Phisica Status Solidi (Wiley),  Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (ACS)
  • Member of the Committee for a CNR Call for Tender 
  • External Peer Reviewer for the Canadian Light Source (Saskatoon, Canada)
  • External Peer Reviewer for theAdvanced Light Source (Berkley,California)

    Scientific areas of interests
  • Electronic structure, chemical and magnetic properties of complex materials (superconductors, oxides, inter-metallic compounds, semiconductor-metal alloys). 
  • In-situ epitaxial growth of nano-structured materials for applications in spintronics, catalysis and photovoltaic systems (self-assembled organic/inorganic molecules and hybrid interfaces, transition-metal silicides and germanides, transition-metal oxides).
  • Surface reactions at metal and metal-oxide catalyst surfaces and interfaces.
  • Magnetism in low-dimensional systems (thin films, nano-structures, metallo-organic layers and molecular magnets) using x-ray magnetic circular dichroism in x-ray absorption, photoemission and emission.
  • Instrumental development in Surface Science methods (evaporators, sample holders, sample transfer systems).
  • Electronic structure and structural properties of surfaces and interfaces using x-ray photoemission spectroscopy, LEED, x-ray absorption, x-ray emission and x-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD).
  • Low-energy excitations (dd, charge transfer) in complex materials studied by resonant x-ray emission (RIXS).

  • PhD in Physics, Universit√† di Trieste, 2001: Quantitative Determination of Surface Structures by means of Electron Diffraction Techniques. PDF file (6.1 MB)
  • Laurea Degree in Physics, Universit√† di Trieste, 1998: Study of adsorption and dissociation processes of cyanogen (C2N2) on Rh(110) 
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