Laser set-up


1) Always wear laser shield goggles (BOTH for 400nm and 800nm)
2) Close all the gates and install all protection screens
3) Only authorized staff (NOT USERS!) can operate the laser and access the optical board

Hutch laser - Optical set-up

The Coherent Mira HP laser (800nm, 150 fs, 83.3 MHz, 2W), pumped by Coherent Verdi 18 (532nm, 18W), is synchronized with the X-ray synchrotron radiation bunches bunches (70 psec) by the Coherent Synchrolock unit exploiting the 500 MHz multi-bunch filling pattern of the storage

Bread Board on Experimental Chamber Branch A

Optical table on  branch A: the 800 nm fs laser beam (Coherent Mira HP. 83.3 MHz repetition rate) from the hutch Laser is focussed by a 100 mm focal lenght plano-convex lens into a BBO crystal for the SHG. The BBO allows the generation of 400 nm pulses with a maximum laser pulse energy of 0.6 nJ/pulse. The residual 800 nm beam is suppressed using an achromatic mirror and a blue filter. The 400 nm is focussed onto the sample in the experimental chamber by a 500 mm focal lenght plano-convex lens into a circular spot of around 1 mm diameter. A beam shutter and a motorized mirror (controlled in remote mode) allows to control the entrance of the beam and the alignement of the laser spot on the sample during the experiment.
On the back side of the box the entrance of bench lasers is available (red arrow). Contact the beamline staff for specific laser installation.

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