VACO controllers troubleshooting

Pneumatic valve opens/closes randomly when VACO controller is in local mode
While it works well in remote, it does not respond in local (this happened for instance for V-PC3A).

The problem is most likely in the corresponding VACO controller card.
The problem was associated with a mulfunctioning of the push button, which contacts need to be cleaned (Andrea Martin) or the whole push button must be replaced.
Ref. Persons: Christian Amasoli (Laboratorio controlli,  where a testing station for the VACO cards is situated) and Igor Píš

How to exchange a VACO controller card

  1. Switch the VACO controller to Local mode.
  2. Switch-off  the VACO controller and wait a couple of seconds (cca 1/2 minute).
  3. Exchange the VACO cards.
  4. Switch-on the VACO controller.
  5. Switch the VACO controller to Remote mode.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:04