All information on safety can be found on the intranet, under "activities", prevention and safety. We encourage users and internal staff to consult the Prevention and Safety section of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste website, where you will find a comprehensive collection of procedures and safety instructions. You will also find instructions on how to manage an emergency, e.g., first aid numbers.

Guidelines for the correct use of electrical systems and equipment:

  • Respect the safety signs and the respective provisions;
  • Make sure that the electrical system or the equipment is equipped with the necessary approvals and certifications, contacting the competent company operating units if necessary;
  • Make sure of the location of the electrical panel that powers the area where you operate so that you can promptly disconnect the voltage from the system if necessary;
  • Use the electrical systems in accordance with their intended use and the respective user manuals;
  • Make sure that the power cables of electrical appliances are adequately protected against mechanical actions (passage of people, sharp objects, etc.), thermal actions (heat sources) or chemical actions (corrosive substances);
  • Make sure that the power supply has been disconnected before carrying out any simple operation on the systems (including the replacement of a light bulb) or on the equipment;
  • Always make sure that the electrical equipment is disconnected (after activating the appropriate switch) before disconnecting the plug;
  • Disconnect the equipment from the energy source before starting periodic cleaning;
  • Connect the equipment to the nearest socket avoiding the use of extension cables as much as possible;
  • Do not overload the sockets with too many electrical users, always checking that the intensity of total current load does not exceed the limits of the socket itself;
  • The multiple adapters allowed by the standards are those with only two lateral sockets. The other type, with a third socket parallel to the pins, is considered dangerous because it allows the chain insertion of multiple multiple sockets;
  • German type plugs (Schuko) can be inserted in Italian type sockets only through an adapter that transfers the earth connection made by means of the side plates to a central plug. It is absolutely forbidden to insert Schuko plugs into Italian sockets by force;
  • Avoid subjecting all parts of the electrical systems to mechanical or impact actions (passage of trolleys, etc.);
  • When using roller extensions must be completely unwound to avoid overheating. The capacity of the wound cable is in fact reduced. The capacity of the cable, which must be indicated, must always be respected;
  • Do not pull the power cable to disconnect an electrical appliance from the socket, but use the plug;
  • Do not tamper with electrical equipment (for any need, the intervention of qualified personnel according to company procedures must be requested).
Wherever there is an electrical power source, there is potentially a risk of exposure for operators. The electrical risk is generally everywhere widespread. More information on electrical safety can be found here (Italian only).
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