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Beamline: bending magnet

Source: Bending Magnet (E=2GeV: Ec=3.2 KeV, E=2.4 GeV: Ec=5.5 KeV)
Polarization: linear, right and left elliptical
Energy range: 2.7-1600 eV
Spot size 30 μm x 100 μm (vertical x horizontal) – typical
Divergence <20x20 (h x v) mrad2
Higher order rejection Filters (Pyrex, SiO2, LiF, In, Sn, Al, Si, Ag) & Monochromator deviation angle

Beamline: monochromator

grating energy range resolving power typical flux
G1200 (1200 ll/mm) 40-1600 eV 3000 @ 400 eV typical 1011 photons/s at 100 eV with E/ΔE = 3000
G1800 (1800 ll/mm) 200-1600 eV 5000 @ 400 eV typical 1010 photons/s at 600 eV with E/ΔE = 3000
GNIM (1200 ll/mm) 2.7-50 eV 2000 @ 20 eV typical 1010 photons/s at 20 eV with E/ΔE = 2000


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