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CiPo - Contacts

The users are encouraged to get in touch with the local contacts to discuss all issues regarding the experiments, their feasibility. Advice and feedback on both scientific and technical matters will be provided.

Nicola Zema (coordinator)
Tel. +39 040 375 8566/8074 or +39 06 49934141
Web Site: http://www.ism.cnr.it/en/nicola-zema-cv/

Stefano Turchini (scientist in charge) 
Tel. +39 040 375 8566/8074 or +39 06 49934160
Web Site: http://www.ism.cnr.it/en/stefano-turchini-cv/

Daniele Catone (scientist in charge)
Email: daniele.catone@ism.cnr.it
Tel. +39 040 375 8566/8074 or +39 06 49934057
Web Site: http://www.ism.cnr.it/en/daniele-catone-cv/

Sandro Rinaldi (technician)
Tel. +39 040 375 8566/8074 or +39 06 49934170

Giorgio Contini (collaborator)
Email: giorgio.contini@ism.cnr.it
Tel. +39 06 49934139
Web Site: http://www.ism.cnr.it/en/giorgio-contini-cv/

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