CiPo - Info for Users

On Proposal Submission

We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposals with the beamline local contacts well in advance before the submission deadline. This is crucial for a careful assessment of the experiment feasibility and may result in an improvement of the proposal. In a restricted number of cases  it may be possible for us to arrange a test. Please read carefully our guidelines for proposal submission.

Call for proposals

The CiPo beamline is under test with the new undulators and is closed to the general users.
The Call for Proposals deadline occurs twice a year, on March 15 and September 15. The exact dates are advertised on this website.

Access Request

Users and collaborators coming to CiPo for experiments are requested to fill the dedicated Access Request Form. Timing for the submission of the Access Request varies according to Users Categories: General Users, EU Funded Users, Research Team Members and Collaborators must submit their Access Form at least two weeks before the experiment. Italian Users must submit their Access Request form at least one month before the experiment. Note that in order to be able to enter the Elettra Laboratory, your access request must be approved. Instructions for different user categories can be found on the User Office webpages following our quick links.

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