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Preparation chamber

Sample treatment:

  • Annealing RT - 1800K via electron bombardment and/or resistive heating.

  • Ar+ bombardment up to 5kV.

  • Atomic source (RF-plasma).

  • Gas line allows to accommodate up to 4 gases (10-10 to 10-3 mbar). High pressure chamber with the possibility to heat sample during gas treatment can be attached to the microscope.

  • Evaporation sources: metals and other materials can be evaporated from 3 Omicron sources available. Additionally home made and user sent evaporators can be used and also mounted on the inclined flanges if the material becomes liquid during evaporation.

Instruments for control of the surface quality etc:

  • Auger electron spectroscopy (AES).

  • Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED).

  • PhotoElectron Emission Microscope (PEEM) with mercury or deuterium lamp.

  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer for gas analysis.


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