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Ph.D. Project 2018

"Spectroscopy and dynamics of hybrid nanomaterials and precursor in gaseous jets"
contact: dr. Marcello Coreno ()

Topic: Low density matter spectroscopy and dynamics

Research on low density systems focuses on the spectroscopy and dynamics of atoms, molecules and clusters, as well as on the radiation-matter interaction. Investigations aim at the systematic acquisition of information on the electronic structure, reactivity, and chemical-physical behavior of target systems of technological interest and increasing complexity, spanning from organic molecules to metal and metal-oxide clusters.
Our scientific goals respond to the fundamental need for reliable and in-depth data on the electronic properties of building blocks of nanomaterials. On the one side our research sheds lights on energy and charge transfer processes of target species suitable for applications in applied research, such as photonics and photocatalysis; on the other it can provide inspiration for the development of novel materials. The experimental activity is carried out at the Elettra Synchrotron radiation laboratory (Trieste, Elettra), principally at the beamlines Gas Phase Photoemission [1] of Elettra and Low Density Matter [2] of the FERMI Free Electron Laser.

[1] https://www.iom.cnr.it/gasphase
[2] https://www.elettra.eu/lightsources/fermi/fermi-beamlines/ldm/ldmhome-page.html
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