Gas Phase highlights

Elucitading the 3d electronic configuration in MgPc

To shed light on the metal 3d electronic structure of manganese phthalocyanine we performed photoelectron measurements both in the gas phase and as thin film. J. Bramboiu et al.  JPCA (2014).


VB electronic structure of fePc: an experimental and theoretical PE study    

A Variable Energy Photon Electron Spectroscopic study of FePc has been perfomed and compared with state-of-art DFT calculations.
B. Brena et al.  J. Chem. Phys. (2011)
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sp hybridization in free carbon nanoparticles - presence and stability observed by NEXAFS

The presence and stability of sp hybridized atoms in free carbon nanoparticles was investigated by NEXAFS spectroscopy.  L. Ravagnan et al.  Chem. Comm. (2011)


VPEPES of tris-cyclopentadienyl lanthanides    

The gas phase photoelectron (PE) spectra of LnCp3 (Cp = η-C5H5; Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm), measured with a wide range of photon energy, are reported.
 Corenoet al. Dalton Trans (2014).

Selectivity in fragmentation of N-methylacetamide

The fragmentation pattern of the peptide model system, N-methylacetamide, after resonant K-shell excitation is investigated using ion time-of-flight spectroscopy. A tendency for site-specific fragmentation, in particular preferential peptide bond cleavage occurring upon resonant excitation of N1s electrons is observed. P. Salen et al.  PCCP (2014)


The soft X-ray absorption spectrum of the allyl free radical 

HR XAS of the allyl free radical (CH2CHCH2)) was measured using a3D-ion-coincidence TOF mass spectrometer. The intense features in the spectrum could be assigned with the aid of ab initio simulation at the MCSCF level, required because of the multi-reference nature of the core-excited state wavefunctions of the open shell molecule. M. Alagia et al  PCCP (2013)

Dissociative double photoionization of benzene molecules in the 26-33 eV energy range

A new method for the determination of dynamical features of the molecular dication dissociation processes, following the single photon double ionization, investigated by time-of-flight mass spectrometry technique has been developed.
M. Alagia et a.  Chem. Phys.(2012)


Accessing the fractal dimension of free clusters in supersonic beams  

Here a method for the quantitative determination of a morphology descriptor of free cluster with complex nanostructure is presented and applied to transition metal nanoparticles produced by a pulsed vaporization source
T. Mazza et al.  New J. Phys. (2011)

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Elucitadind the 3d electronic configuration in Manganese Phthalocianine 

Core ionization of a molecule just above the 1s ionization potential leads to recapture processes where the photoelectron is pushed back to a high Rydberg orbital of the molecular ion. Upon dissociation highly excited neutral fragments can be produced together with ions. 
Kivimaki A et al.  Phys. Rev. A 88 (2014) 043412
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