Italy-Russia bilateral seminar

Italy-Russia bilateral seminar «Advanced Accelerator & Radiation Physics»

AARP-Elettra, 14 -15 May , 2018, Elettra, Trieste, ITALY

The AARP seminar “Advanced Accelerator & Radiation Physics” (co-chaired by Profs. M. Strikhanov and S. Dabagov) is the series of international meetings dedicated to frontier topics in fundamental and applied researches, in particular to new techniques of particle acceleration, beam shaping, novel radiation sources, applications based on charged & neutral beams and radiation physics, and detectors. Previous editions were held in Bologna, Cadarache, Geneva, Frascati, Maykop, Moscow and Naples.
Organizing Committe
S. Dabagov (INFN-LNF and NU-MEPHI); N. I. Kargin (NU-MEPHI)
A. Marcelli (INFN-LNF and ISM-CNR); M. Coreno (ISM-CNR and Elettra)
Local organizing committee:
A. Accettulli, M. Coreno, M. Bertolo, M. Marazzi

14 May 
Morning session  (T2 seminar room)

10:30 11:00 A. Zambelli, M. Bertolo, M. Coreno Arrival at Elettra, welcome (and coffee)
11:00 11:10 A. Marcelli, A. Spallone, M. Zambelli Opening
11:10 11:20 S. Dabagov MEPhI and AARP
11:20 11:40 A. D. Oleshkevich Research and Education Center “Nanotechnology” MEPhI
11:40 12:00 M. Kiskinova Science@Elettra laboratory: selected highlights and perspectives
12:00 12:20 L. Avaldi CNR-EUROFEL program at Elettra
12:20 12:40 A. Morgante, R. Gotter IOM and NFFA-Europe
12:40 13:00 M. Girod CERIC-ERIC, the multi-technique research infrastructure for materials research in Central-Eastern Europe
13:00 14:30 Lunch
Closed session: 
14:30 16:00 MEPhI@Elettra (executive lounge)
Afternoon session  (T2 seminar room)
16:00 16:20 B. Marmiroli Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Deep X-ray Lithography
16:20 16:40 L. Giannessi Overview of Fermi, the first externally seeded VUV-Soft X-ray FEL
16:40 17:00 R. V. Ryzuk Integrated microwave photonics in MEPhI
17:00 17:20      Coffee Break
17:20 17:40 S. Lupi, A. Perucchi Material Science research through IR and THz radiation at Elettra and FERMI
17:40 18:00 A. N. Shulunov, A. D. Oleshkevich Microwave photonics applications at radiotechnical systems
18:00 18:20 K.C. Prince Molecular and surface science at the Gas Phase and Materials Science beamlines
18:20 18:40 E.Cappelluti Bandgap tuning and strain engineering for flexible opto-electronics in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides

15 May 
Visit to laboratories (9.30-12.30)
FERMI; CNR, TASC and Beamlines;  Elettra and Labs
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