Laser @ branch line of GAPH

The low-energy branch line of the beamline is equipped with a tunable Ti:Sapphire oscillator (Tsunami, SpectraPhysics). The main laser specifications are summarized below. Typically the laser beam is set counter-propagating to the synchrotron radiation, allowing several experimental setups to be used (Time-of-flight mass spectrometer, photoelectron spectrometer, VMI spectrometer), but also other arrangements are possible. User-provided experimental setups can be accommodated, provided space restrictions are met (please contact beamline staff). For experiments at low energy (<20 eV) a gas filter can be installed to reduce the contribution of higher order radiation from the undulator. So far all experiments have been performed using the laser in the ps or CW configuration. When mode-locked the laser can be synchronized with the storage ring time structure, allowing time-resolved measurements also in multi-bunch operation of Elettra. A description of some two-color experiments carried out at the beamline using various experimental arrangements can be found in the selected publications listed below. As experiments using laser and synchrotron radiation usually require very specific preparation Users are advised to contact beamline staff well in advance of the proposal submission.

Operation: Mode-locked (ps or fs pulses) or CW Pulse length: ~15ps or ~100fs
Repetition rate: ~83 MHz (1/6th of the storage ring frequency)
Tuning range: 700 – 1000 nm (manually tuned)
Average power: 0.6 – 1.2W at the entrance of the experimental chamber, depending on the wavelength
Polarization: variable


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