Beamline: scientific applications

Scientific applications Micro- and nano- fabrication of optical, electronic and mechanical devices
Number of Mirrors  2 (1 plane mirror, 1 toroidal mirror)
Filters Be

Beamline: exposure station characteristics

Gap Setting 30 - 50 µm
Alignment Accuracy 80 µm
Mask Size Format 2 inches
Wafer  Size Format 4 inches
Clean room (stepper) Class 10
Clean room (processing) Class 100

Support Facilities:

- Chemical Hood for ancillaries processes
- UV lithography stations (MA25 and MJB3 Karl Suss mask aligners, I-line UV exposure)
- P/O Weber hydraulic press for thermal-NIL
- SPTS ICP Multiplex ASE fluorine plasma etcher
- Balzers thermal and E-gun metals evaporator
- Sputtering (metals and dielectric materials: Ni, W, Ag, SiO2, Si)
- Galvanic station for electroplating (Au, Ni)

All the instrumentations and hoods are placed in class 1000 or 10 Clean Rooms


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