Sample mounting

Plain mounting

Four sample holders for the samples that do not need to be annealed are available.

plain mounting The samples can cover up to the area marked in red.
plain mounting The sample(s) can be glued on the baseplate surface using a double-sided carbon of copper adhesive tape or held in place using a metallic clamp fixed with a screw or rod+nut to any of the 16 M1.2 threaded holes.
plain mounting The metallic clamp assures a good electric contact between the sample surface and the plate to avoid charging effects. However, it occupies some space so the number of samples is more limited.
plain mounting Many samples can fit on one base plate, depending on their shapes and sizes. Bear in mind that too small samples might be difficult to correctly align with respect to the photon beam and energy analyzer. Using only the adhesive plate you can fit for example up to 11 disc-shaped samples of 6 mm diameter on one sample holder (covering at most the red area noted above). Because of the thick insulating glue layers the electrical contact might be poor, resulting in charging effects, unless you strongly press the tape and the samples.
plain mounting


item count name material notes
S 1 sample    
1 1 baseplate stainless steel molybdenum on other sample holders!
2A 1 thermocouple pins alumel (magnetic) must not stick out more than 4 mm below the plate!
2C 1 chromel (non magnetic)
3a, 3b 3 nut stainless steel molybdenum on other sample holders!
4 1 rod molybdenum can be any metal
5 1 clamp tantalum can be any metal
6 1 adhesive tape carbon or copper double-sided, must be pressed strongly
plain mounting The thermocouple pins help holding the sample holder in the manipulator, however not as strongly as other sample holders where annealing contacts are assembled. The rod(s) or the screw(s) holding the clamp(s) must not be screwed to much in because the botom surface must remain flat. The thermocouple pins can stick out between 3-4 mm below the bottom surface.

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