Beamline overview

Operating the beamline

Pumping and pressure reading

Operating the end station

Using evaporators
Using electron analyzer
Venting, bake-out and degassing

Control software

computer: software: use:
MSB-SLAVE: BeamLine prefocus
MSB-MASTER: Beamline Control System (BCS) valves
  Mesh Monitor beam intensity
  Kleopatra energy setting, valves
MSB-STATION: VNC to MSB-MASTER remote access ↑
  SpecsLab2 XPS
  Eurotherm iTools annealing
  Quadstar QMS
  Pressure Watcher pressure log
   Pfeiffer Vacuum ActiveLine pressure log
   CompactConnect pyrometers
   LuCam Capture LEED, alignment with camera
MSB-MONO: / Server/Client monochromator

Other equipment


Beam dump

At the end of the day (checklist)

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