Photoemission with synchrotron radiation (ARPES, XPD)

During these measurements sets of photoelectron core levels or valence band spectra are acquired in a step wise manner while the sample is automatically rotated around:
  • surface paralel (variable polar angle), i.e. changing at the same time photon incidence and electron detection angle, and/or
  • surface normal (variable azimuth angle).
Due to technical difficulties the method is rarely used at MSB. Not only it requires swapping the sample manipulators, but also the sample alignment with respect to the tiny photon beam is hard to achieve, as one x,y,z position must be valid for all possible polar and azimuth angles in the batch.

For angular scans, similarly to the photon energy scans, we use the KolXPD software that controls the electron analyzer and the angular movements of the sample manipulator using the KolMotorControl plugin. The scans are set using the menu File - New - XPD angle diffraction. Other behaviour like setting the angle limits, angular step, photoelectron regions, starting/stopping the scan etc. is the same as described about the photon energy scans.
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