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Guidelines for SAXS Beamtime Proposal Submission

When to apply

The "Call for Proposals" deadline occurs twice a year, in March and September. The exact dates are advertised on the CERIC homepage.

Beamtime proposal submission

CERIC beamtime proposals can be uploaded and submitted via the Elettra Virtual User Office (VUO). Before writing a proposal, you and your collaborators must register on the VUO (see instructions). Every proposal must address a clear, well-focused scientific problem or a debated, unanswered issue in the literature. The experimental plan must be realistic and well organized, capable to deliver achievable goals.

Experiment feasibility

Read carefully the informations on the Austrian SAXS beamline web pages. Consider that there are some important restrictions on how and what kind of samples can be measured, as well as to the maximum space available in case you wish to bring your own sample stage.
In case of doubts do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can discuss your needs, and prepare your experiment together.

Feedback from the local contacts

In order to be able to get back to you with feedback on the proposal feasibility, we strongly encourage you to upload your proposal in the VUO at least one week before the deadline. Interaction with the local contacts is highly recommended. Don't hesitate to discuss with us your experimental plan in detail !

Peer Review evaluation

The proposals are reviewed by an independent extern Review Panel (RP), after their feasibility has been assessed by the beamline coordinators. The RP is composed of experts in various fields of synchrotron radiation research, and evaluates the scientific merit of the proposals. The main criteria for evaluation are the following: expected impact of the experiments, topicality, probability to produce one or more publications on highly cited scientific journals, potential to help solving important technologically or socially relevant problems, possible development of a new application of synchrotron radiation.


The latest news on the financial support options can be found here

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