The Material Science Branchline

The Material Science branchline, operated by IOM-CNR, is equipped witha VERTEX 70v spectrometer for spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy measurements over a broad spectral range. In particular, the possibility to mount different detectors on the infrared microscope allows exploiting a diffraction limited beam from the visible down to the terahertz. The branchline is also equipped with cryostats and diamond anvil cell, thus permitting to explore the behavior of matter at extreme conditions of temperature and pressure.


The Chemical and Life Sciences Branchline

The Chemical and Life Sciences branchline, operated by Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste, is optimized for FTIR spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging in the Mid infrared. The newly installed VERTEX 70v interferometer with full range FIR-MIR  accessories guarantees now the possibility to explore also the FIR regime. The BioChem branchline offers full support for chemical and biomedical applications, and opportunities for cultural heritage, geological science and biophysics as well.

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