Spin–orbit coupling in the band structure of monolayer WSe2

Spectroscopic characterization of charge carrier anisotropic motion in twisted few-layer graphene

Comparing Graphene Growth on Cu(111) versus Oxidized Cu(111)

Spectroscopic characterization of Topological Insulator Grid Nanostructures for Broadband Transparent Flexible Electrodes

ARPES on graphene domains grown on industrially relevant substrates

Microscopic View on a Chemical Vapor Deposition Route to Boron-Doped Graphene Nanostructures

Microscopic characterisation of suspended graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition

Imaging the domains in N-doped graphene

Nano ARPES on 4H -TaS2

Microscopic view on Meatal-Insulator transition in a Mott system

Imaging and spectroscopy of highly oriented pyrolitic graphite

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