Info for Users

On Proposal Submission

We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposals with the beamline local contacts in advance before the submission deadline. This may be crucial for a careful assessment of the experiment feasibility and may result in an improvement of the proposal.  Please read carefully guidelines for proposal rating-submission.

Call for proposals

Call for proposals

The deadline for proposal submission for beamtime allocation is to be announced

Experiment feasibility

Read carefully the information on the Spectromictroscopy web pages, especially that concerning the beamline energy range, resolution, and the microscope lateral resolution. 

Sample suitability

It is very important to keep in mind that not all samples are suitable. Samples must be conductive and resistant to radiation damage. 

Arranging a feasibility test

Sometimes it is difficult to predict whether an experiment will work or not. When doubts arise about the samples or the proposed measurements are too close to the microscope resolution limit, we will try to arrange a test for you given enough beamtime available etc.

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