Imaging and spectroscopy of highly oriented pyrolitic graphite

As a first test case of the microscope performance we present the angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy from single flakes of highly oriented pyrolitic graphite and the imaging of the flakes with the image contrast due to rotation of the band dispersion of different flakes.

P. Dudin et al., J. Synchrotron Rad. 17, 445 (2010).

Even for the wide energy window of the image  the contrast due to various orientations of the flakes with respect to the detection direction is clearly visible. The flakes oriented with ΓM direction close to the acquisition azimuth give few counts (dark on the image) since their π bands do not enter into the energy window of the image, while the flakes oriented close to ΓK direction give high count rates (bright). 
The article discuss also the technical aspects of the beamline.

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Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy and imaging with sub-µm probe at SPECTROMICROSCOPY-3.2L beamline of Elettra
P. Dudin, P. Lacovig, C. Fava, E. Nicolini, A. Bianco, G. Cautero, A. Barinov; J. Syncrotron Rad. 17, 445 (2010),
doi: 10.1107/S0909049510013993
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