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Data storage and data type

All the data are saved, even the measurements you started and interrupted because there is something wrong with the settings will have corresponding file. Each day data are saved in appropriate folder and the filnames are SM"N""date"_"number". hdf5 where N=L for focusing line scans, I for images, P for spectra and polar or azimuthal scans.
The data format is hdf5.

Data processing software

To visualize and process HDF data collected in our microscope, we use WaveMetrics Igor Pro 5.05A or higher. However most of the new rutines works with latest version of Igor Pro 6. The scripts should work as well in the higher versions of Igor Pro, the earlier versions are not supported. In the most cases the scripts are run in Windows, so the instructions here are written basing on the Windows esperience mostly. But since Igor Pro 5.05A exists also for Mac, you can use.

Scripts installation

You will need to install some scripts to work with the data. First, you need to install Wavemetrics HDF5 library. This is some general library used to handle HDF, version 5 data in Igor, supplied with simple Igor browser for the HDF5 data. The library files are included in the Igor Pro package, all you need is to perform simple activation procedure as described below:

To install HDF5 library with HDF5 browser:

  1. Make an alias (Mac OS X ) or shortcut (Windows ) for the following file: Igor Pro Folder\More Extensions\File Loaders\HDF5.xop. Move the alias or shortcut into the "Igor Pro Folder\Igor Extensions" folder.
  2. Make an alias (Mac OS X ) or shortcut (Windows ) for the following file: Igor Pro Folder\WaveMetrics Procedures\File Input Output\HDF5 Browser.ipf. Move the alias or shortcut into the "Igor Pro Folder\Igor Procedures" folder. This activates Igor procedures that implement an HDF5 browser and add a "New HDF5 Browser" menu item in the Data->Load Waves menu.
  3. Restart Igor Pro.

When the HDF5 library is installed, you can install our scripts. For the installation, please follow the directions below.

To install scripts to process your data for Igor 5n.

  1. Download archive containg 6 files with scripts and Igor template file.
  2. Create a new folder on your hard drive, like subfolder \User Procedures\SPM of Igor Pro folder. U
  3. Unzip files from archive with "ipf" extension into this folder, and place unzipped Load_SPEM_5.pxt template to some convinient place like your desktop.
  4. Double-click on the Load_SPEM_5.pxt, Igor will start loading and will probably ask you about the location of the file. Point it to the directory where you have unzipped the "ipf" files. When Igor will load, you will have a new menu named "SPEM".
  5. Save the Igor file before start working.
For Igor 6n and 7n the instructions are below

Download and unzip the macros file  (igor6) or file (igor7)

and follow instructions below:
Assuming Igor Folder is:

C:\Program Files\Igor Pro Folder or C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro Folder or whatever location you have further reffered as
\Igor Pro Folder and HDF5 browser is already installed

The example is given for Windows XP,
where Igor is located at C:\Program Files\Igor Pro Folder

1. Goto parent directory
C:\Program Files\Igor Pro Folder
where Igor is located. Copy into appropriate subfloders

\User Procedures\Menus\
\User Procedures\\SpecMicElettra\Load_SPEM_5\

2. Add the menu launch link
make a link to the file:
\Igor Pro Folder\User Procedures\Menus\SPM_LoadMenus.ipf
and place/overwrite existing one in:
\Igor Pro Folder\Igor Procedures\SPM_LoadMenus.ipf.lnk

3. Launch Igor
In the main menu click on:
Data->Load Waves->Load SPM_Data
See SPEM submenu in main menu line

For Igor 8 n and 9n the instructions are below
             Check if HDF utilities are abilitated already as should be for Igor 9, otherwise abilitate them as described above (install HDF5 library)

            1. Download and unzip the macros files
            2. Copy them to User Documents folder WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 9 User Files\User Procedures
             as for PC
             C:\Users\Root\Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 9 User Files\User Procedures

             3. Create an alyas to SPEM_LoadMenus (in Menus folder)
            and place it in C:\Users\Root\Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 9 User Files\Igor Procedures


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