SuperESCA beamline description

Sample Environment


Two different sample manipulators are available.

A modified CTPO (from VG) manipulator with 5 degrees of freedom (xyzΘΦ). Since the rotational movements are motorized this manipulator is generally used for angle resolved measuremetns (XPD). It is equipped with a liquid N2 crysostat and an electron bombardment heating system which allow for a sample temperature range of 120÷1500 K. A transfer system, connected to the top chamber by means of a

fast entry lock, can be used with this manipulator to insert new samples without breaking the vacuum.

The second manipulator is a liquid He cryostat with xyz translations and 1 rotational axes (see figure aside). The sample is heated by electron bombardment and, using a PID system, its temperature can be stabilized in the range between 15 and 1500 K. In this case all the manipulator movements are manually controlled.

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