Beamline Description

Light Source

The light source is a worldwide unique 1m short undulator U5.6 placed in one straight section of the storage ring. Since such source has a brilliance similar to a conventional undulator but higher angular divergence, it exploits the full potential of the twin microscope concept and facilitates the combination of complementary imaging and spectromicroscopy modes.

Preconditioning Optics

The beamline optics consists of three optical components focusing the beam into a secondary source adaptable for the different imaging and spectromicroscopy modes. Unique for the beamline is a SX-400 type variable angle plane grating monochromator for the 400 - 2200 eV with high energy resolution. A possible future upgrade may include a multilayer monochromator for imaging and spectroscopic modes requiring higher flux and lower energy resolution (dynamic imaging and X-ray micro-tomography).

Experimental Station

The end station is a X-ray Transmission Microscope, the TwinMic Microscope, that combines is a single instrument two operation modes (Full-field Imaging and Scanning Transmission mode) with easy switch between them.

Experimental Control

Labview based software on three PCI crate stations operate with Microsoft Windows XP/2000. Major parts of the end-station control software have been developed by the Slovenian IJS partner of the TwinMic EC RT&D project.

The TwinMic beamline hutch

The TwinMic beamline hutch

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