TwinMic capabilities

TwinMic offers transmission X-ray microscopy that has up to 10 times higher optical resolution than conventional visible microscopy, combined  with a natural contrast between organic matter and water that allows imaging of specimen in their natural liquid environment without staining. Specimen can due to the higher penetration power thicker than in electron microscopy and can provide valuable 'bulk' information. Highest lateral resolution can be achieved with the full-field imaging mode, which is currently about 20 nm using special objective lenses. Other imaging modes as a compromise of X-ray intensity to chemical sensitivity can offer much less lateral resolution, in some cases up to 1 micron.

Research fields

TwinMic Research ranges over a big variety of fields:

  • biotechnology
  • nanotechnology
  • environmental science and geochemistry
  • clinical and medical applications
  • novel energy sources
  • biomaterial
  • cultural heritage and archeometry.

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