Publications from Xpress beamline


  1. Highly active and stable Co (Co3O4)_Sm2O3 nano-crystallites derived from Sm2Co7 and SmCo5 intermetallic compounds in NH3 synthesis and CO2 conversion
    Marakatti, V. S., Ronda-Lloret, M., Krajčí, M., Joseph B., Marini C., Delgado, J. J., Devred F., Shiju N. R., Gaigneaux E. M.
    Catalysis Science and Technology (2022)
    doi: 10.1039/D1CY01956B (Journal Article)
  2. Pressure-Induced Structural Behavior of Orthorhombic Mn3(VO4)2: Raman Spectroscopic and X-ray Diffraction Investigations
    Kesari S., Garg A.B., Clemens O., Joseph B., Rao R.
    ACS Omega (2022)
    doi: 10.1021/acsomega.1c06590 (Journal Article)
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