Industrial Applications

Polymorphism of organic semiconductor

semiconduttori organici

Organic semiconductors exhibit high versatility and large number of advantages in the electronic fields because of their solution-processability and low cost of production. However, possible polymorphism, due to the fact that organic molecules can adopt different crystal packings, may induce variation in electronic, mechanical, or optical properties at the solid state. Indeed, even small changes in the packing of organic semiconductors affect their electronic performances by orders of magnitude.


Structural insights into the interactions between an enzyme and a hit compound for the discovery of drugs

identificazione di nuovi farmaci antimicrobiciAn innovative approach to treat bacterial infections is based on the design of new drugs capable of enhancing antibiotic activity by reducing the therapeutic dose of conventional antibiotics and minimizing resistance. It is necessary to identify compounds able to selectively target a key enzyme, such as the enzyme involved in the microbial reductive sulfur assimilation pathway.


Definition of the right excipients in a formulation for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) stability


Physical and chemical instability of APIs is the reason of many market recalls of products, due to unacceptable levels of their decomposition, which alter content uniformity of the final formulation. Excipients’ properties, such as hygroscopicity and microenvironmental acidity, can have a significant impact on API stability in a drug product. Incompatibility or interaction between API and excipients, during manufacture or shelf storage, need detailed investigation.

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