The main task of the Beam Instrumentation Laboratory (Laboratorio Elettronico Strumentazione, LEST) is the development of the instrumentation for all the accelerators at ELETTRA.

By means of a large number of custom developed boards and instruments integrated into the Control System by more than twenty VME field computers, all main beam parameters, like transverse position, intensity, transverse and longitudinal profiles and other motion related physical quantities, are monitored in real-time.

The basic criteria in our designs are best performances with the highest reliability: as a matter of fact, some instruments are essential for the operation of the laboratory.

By continuously upgrading the installed instrumentation with state-of-the-art solutions, the measurement resolution is permanently pushed down to lower and lower limits, being presently at the picosecond level in the measurements of time domain profiles and at sub-micrometer level in the transverse position measurements.

Recently, the Beam Instrumentation Laboratory has started to provide its service also to some User Groups working in specific fields, like time-resolved spectroscopy or IR analysis techniques.

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