Tunable high-efficiency light modulator for soft X-rays

This work presents a new concept for the reversible imprinting of holographic masks working in the EUV and soft X-ray ranges, to addess the lack of efficient light modulators at these photon energies. EUV transient grating is used to generate a metastable structure in an electronic Wigner crystal, which diffracts EUV light with efficiencies close to those of traditional etched gratings. The structure can be erased by single-beam heating, thus offering prorammability and tunability.
More information is available here : Tunable high-efficiency light modulator for soft X-rays

A high-efficiency programmable modulator for extreme ultraviolet light with nanometre feature size based on an electronic phase transition
Vaskivskyi I., Mraz A., Venturini R., Jecl G., Vaskivskyi Y., Mincigrucci R., Foglia L., De Angelis D., Pelli-Cresi J.-S., Paltanin E., Fainozzi D., Bencivenga F., Masciovecchio C., Mihailovic D.
Nature Photonics (2024)

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