Magnetic EUV TG

Resonant EUV probe allows to observe both a magnetic and electronic response stimulated by the EUV TG excitation!  

In the recent years, the beamline has been equipped to perform magnetic transient grating experiments. These experiments build upon the concept that the TG excitation induces the ultrafast demagnetization of the photoexcited stripes in samples that are magnetized at saturation. This pattern of magnetized and demagnetized stripes lead to the diffraction of the probe beam, provided that its photonenergy is resonant with an electronic core transition. 
To saturate the samples with out-of-plane magnetic fields the beamline has been equipped with a specially designed electromagnet reaching up to 150 mT, provided in collaboration by the Stockholm University and the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. We can also provide an out-of-plane field at a variable angle up to 200 mT with a setup based on permanent magnets. 
In combination, we equipped the EUV delay line with sets of multilayer mirrors centered at the CO M-edge (20.8 nm), at the Gd N-edge (8.34 nm)  and are currently expanding our capabilities with a new set at the Fe M-edge (23.5 nm).
Using these setups we demonstrated the generation of nanoscale transient magnetic gratings and explored all-optical switching at the nanoscale. 

Nanoscale Transient Magnetization Gratings Created and Probed by Femtosecond Extreme Ultraviolet Pulses
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Exploring the fundamental spatial limits of magnetic all-optical switching
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