EUV Transient Grating reviewed

We published two reviews discussing the differences of EUV and visible TG ! 

Cartoon of the EUV TG excitation

In the last year we have published two review articles discussing in depth the physics behind the EUV Transient Grating, its differences with visible excitation and future perspectives and applications.

Extreme ultraviolet transient gratings
Bencivenga F., Capotondi F., Foglia L., Mincigrucci R., Masciovecchio C.
Advances in Physics: X, Vol. 8 - 1, 2220363 (2023)

Extreme ultraviolet transient gratings: A tool for nanoscale photoacoustics
Foglia L., Mincigrucci R., Maznev A.A., Baldi G., Capotondi F., Caporaletti F., Comin R., De Angelis D., Duncan R.A., Fainozzi D., Kurdi G., Li J., Martinelli A., Masciovecchio C., Monaco G., Milloch A., Nelson K.A., Occhialini C.A., Pancaldi M., Pedersoli E., Pelli-Cresi J.S., Simoncig A., Travasso F., Wehinger B., Zanatta M., Bencivenga F.
Photoacoustics, Vol. 29, 100453 (2023)

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